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Juice Concentrates with Concentrated Benefits

579933_552972371400368_1299436571_nThe Pineapple India Company is the manufacturer and exporter of pineapple products in many forms. Be it Pineapple in the form of pulps, slices, canned, Fruit Juice Concentrate or any other form like puree or simply cut fruit…. irrespective of the form and the type of the products, Pineapple India food industry ensures that the product is made available in its best form and best variety so that its intrinsic flavor and qualities are not compromised at all! Moreover the company is HACCP certified which further accentuates the intrinsic health benefits of the products. The fact is that the process of attaining the best quality of the product is maintained by careful selection of pineapple to meticulously monitoring the process of manufacturing in order to achieve the best results.

This company has had extensive research done on the process to provide the customers with products that are at par with global standards. With primordial importance given to quality and freshness, this company’s Frozen Pineapple Juice Concentrate is amongst one of the most popular products available. Again the fact is that the company really takes great pains in manufacturing the products in accordance to the high quality manufacturing processes; which ensure that only good quality fresh and ripe pineapples are chosen. Subsequently these are then sorted, cleaned and processed to form a frozen concentrate. The fact that the product is manufactured using high quality manufacturing processes ensures that the texture, aroma and freshness of the original fruit are maintained.

The process involves removing water from the pineapple fruit. It is done in such manner that the fruit essence is captured and it is re imposed into the concentrate from the water vapors. This process ensures for the preservation of flavor and aroma of the Pineapple Juice concentrate which is then packed in Aseptic bags to further maintain its freshness and flavors. It is because of this reason that the product is globally used by customers with immense satisfaction. The frozen pineapple Juice concentrate can be used for many things like for making drinks, jam, fruit cream, fruit yogurts, puddings, baby foods, and juices etc. There are immense health benefits that are available in Pineapple. They fight cancer, are diuretics break the blood clots making them heart friendly, kills intestinal worms, and aids in removing the toxins by stimulating the kidneys. The fact that Pineapple is not available everywhere and all the year round makes sure that the pineapple Juice concentrate is used to impart all health benefits and also to give the best results or health and taste. A promise made by the company in this respect is fully guaranteed with results!

Pineapple India a Chief Exporter of Pineapple Pulp in India

canned-pine-pulpPineapple India is paving its path as a leading seller of pineapple pulp. Pineapple India processes and produces high quality canned pineapple pulp. Pineapple a tropical plant is produced in the regions of Assam, India. Pineapple India undertakes large-scale organic pineapple farming, thus helping them to generate high quality pineapple pulp. Researchers at pineapple India make sure to provide organic enrichment such as pure sand, red loam, clay loam and gravelly to pineapple plantation. Pineapple India canning and processing units are well equipped with equipments of latest technology. Organic pineapple pulp is obtained crushing the pineapple. The pulp is preserved through thermal treatment where standardization, pasteurization and cooling takes place under a severe quality control rules. There is a proper handling of pineapple pulp and is packed in bulk packages for further industrial processing and formulations as ice cream mixes, jellies, jams, sodas, etc. The export market of canned pineapple pulp is indicating its potential as the number of export consignment has increased eventually.

Specification Details of Pineapple Pulp:

Product Pineapple Pulp
Variety Variety
Brixq Min.9
Min.9 0.35%
Black Specs Nil or Negligible
Flavor Characteristic

Packaging Details of Pineapple Pulp:

Packing Types Tins per Carton Total Qty. in a FCL ( 20’)
3.1 kg Tin 3.1 kg X 6 Tins 1000 Carton Boxes
850 g Tin 850 kg X 24 Tins 850 Carton Boxes
Aseptic Packs 215 kg Barrel 80 barrels

Delicious Recipe of Pineapple Pulp:

Pineapple Rasgulla

Pineapple RasgullaYou Need:

1 liter full cream milk

1 tbsp Maida flour

1/2 cup thick pineapple pulp

1 lemon

400 gm sugar

1 liter water

1 tsp vanilla essence

10 soaked and crushed pista


Saute the pineapple pulp with 2 tsp sugar till it becomes thick like jam for 10 mins. Keep aside.

Boil the full cream milk and add 1 lemon juice. Take a nice cloth and strain the curdled milk. Gather the paneer after 1 hour at least.

Mix the paneer, maida flour and the pineapple pulp. Knead this into a soft dough for 15 mins to make round balls.

Boil water in a kadai and add sugar, vanilla essence to it .Stir till the sugar is completely dissolved.

Add the round balls to the sugar syrup and let it boil for 15 mins covered with a lid and then let it boil for 5 more mins removing the lid.

Take the pineapple rasgullas from the sugar syrup and decorate with crushed pistas and serve.